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Coffee Co. High School Dance Team to Host Virtual Tryouts

Due to COVID-19, Coach Ashley Craft has decided to go about hosting tryouts differently this year. They will be having virtual tryouts.

1. On Saturday, April 4, I will release a video on the CCHS Dance Team Facebook page. The link to the page is
The video I post will be like a “parent meeting.” I will cover practice expectations, season expectations, estimated costs for the year, fundraising, and more.

2. On Monday, April 6, I will release a link to a video that teaches a dance routine on the same Facebook page. This is a 45 second dance. A link to the music will also be provided. The video has a “teaching” breakdown, a breakdown with counts only, and a breakdown of the routine with music.
I will also post a video/list of certain dance skills.

3. All tryout participants will then need to submit a video or a link to a video via email to me directly using this email address. I will need you to state your first and last name ONLY in the video for identification purposes. Please do not share your age, grade, or any other information. You will perform the dance skills from the list first and then you will perform the routine (facing the camera) twice.

4. I will also need your dance team tryout form scanned and sent to me, if you have not turned it in already. Physicals and other forms at this time are on hold.

5. All video submissions will be due by Thursday, April 16 at 11:59pm. This gives you 10 days to learn the dance and skills and submit the video.

6. Judging will take place on Friday, April 17 and you will receive an email that evening regarding your outcome. I will NOT be judging. I have 3 judges not affiliated with Coffee County that will be reviewing and scoring the videos.

***If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact me directly at

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