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Covid-19 Update for April 3 Plus Other Important Information

The TN Department of Health and other reporting agencies have provided updates about the confirmed cases of COVID-19 patients diagnosed in the state.
As of Friday night, reports show there have been 42 deaths in Tennessee, over 3,000 confirmed cases, 293 hospitalized, and 248 recovered.
Dr. James Hildreth with Meharry Medical College in Nashville recommending everyone wear a mask if you go out of your house. However, he stressed that personal protective equipment (PPEs) must be reserved for health care workers who are on the front lines of treating the virus.
Hildreth added that wearing a mask reduces the risk of getting and then transmitting the virus to someone else.
He said you can make your own masks using t-shirts or bandannas to cover your face. Once you get home, make sure you properly sterilize your mask. If your mask is made out of cloth, wash it with soap and water. Hildreth said you can then place it in a plastic bag and microwave it for about two minutes.
Please remember you should only microwave cloth masks. Disposable masks often have staples in them.
President Trump backed up the doctor on Friday evening by requesting everyone wear a mask when you have to be outside your home.
Dr Hildreth reminds everyone that the best way to hopefully help yourself from getting or transmitting the virus is to “Stay at Home.”

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