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Medical Professionals and Fire Departments now say Do NOT Microwave Homemade Cloth Masks

We reported recently that Dr. James Hildreth with Meharry Medical College in Nashville was recommending how to sanitize homemade masks that people are using to help prevent the Coronavirus. He said that if your mask was made out of cloth, wash it with soap and water. Hildreth said you can then place it in a plastic bag and microwave it for about two minutes.
Authorities are now recommending to NOT put your mask in the microwave after some devises have caught on fire.
They say the easiest way to sanitize your homemade mask is to hand wash it in warm water and antibacterial Soap and a small amount of bleach. You can also wash a cloth mask in your washer. Medical professionals say these ideas will disinfect your mask of any germs. Yes, this includes COVID-19.

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