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Plans for Coffee County High School Graduation

From Director Charles Lawson:

Coffee County Schools is still planning to conduct its graduation ceremony on May 22, as previously scheduled. However, guidance from local, state, and national leaders may make that impossible. To prepare for different possibilities, Coffee County Schools has chosen three potential backup dates for graduation should a postponement occur. Announcing these dates at this time allows students and their families to leave these dates open on their calendars as life returns to normal.

Should guidance from health and/or government officials dictate a postponement of graduation, three possible dates will be utilized. These dates are June 26, July 24, and August 14. If social restrictions cause the postponement of graduation, the ceremony will be held on the first available date listed, provided that arrangements can be completed by that date.

At this time, it should be emphasized that Coffee County Central High School graduation ceremonies have not been postponed. These dates are being announced to allow families to make alternative plans should a postponement occur.

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