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TBI Study Details Law Enforcement-Related Death in 2019

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has released a comprehensive study detailing law enforcement-related death that occurred in the state in 2019.
The report uses established definitions and methodology and provides information on qualifying incidents submitted by the state’s law enforcement agencies. Data has been divided into three categories: Deadly Use-of-Force Incidents, Arrest-Related Non-Forcible Deaths, and Deaths in Custody.
• Among the report’s findings:
• In 2019, a total of 96 Law Enforcement-Related Deaths were reported by 22 different law enforcement agencies and 26 facilities in Tennessee.
• 30 incidents (32.7%) met the reporting criteria of Deadly Use of Force by a law enforcement officer.
• Approximately half (46.7%) of reported Deadly Use of Force incidents in 2019 occurred in a residence.
• White subjects accounted for 71.4% of Deadly Use of Force incidents. Black/African American subjects accounted for 21.4%.

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