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What’s the difference between Coronavirus and Allergies?

• Both coronavirus and allergies can cause sneezing, but allergies cause more sneezing fits (usually, only 1-2 sneezes at a time with viral infections).
• Allergies cause a lot more itching. Viral infections don’t cause itching of the eyes, nose and ears.
• Both coronavirus and allergies can cause a dry cough, but a dry cough in an allergic patient with asthma does get better if using an albuterol inhaler. Albuterol won’t help a viral cough.
• A cough that produces a lot of yellow or green secretions may be bacterial and should be evaluated to see if antibiotics might be appropriate.
• Most importantly, allergies do not cause fever. Ever. If you have a dry cough, are sneezing and have a fever, it is likely viral.

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