Landon Rivas

Landon Rivas (M.S. LPC-MHSP) has worked in mental health counseling for seven years in diverse treatment settings. He specializes in treating anxiety, depression, and addiction in adult populations and is especially interested in rural health care.


Last month, we examined the effects of drugs on the brain and body to better understand the behaviors of those struggling with substance use addictions. This week we look specifically at alcohol: what it does to us, what it does for us, and why we keep it around.   Alcohol is perhaps the oldest substance the world has used to “feel good”. It is a unique drug …

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Resilience #4

Over the past couple months, we’ve looked at what ingredients you need to cook resilience into our lives. Using Positive Psychology, we’ve focused on meaning/purpose, social well-being, and positive emotions. In this final article, we’ll explore how important accomplishments and achievements are in building resilience into our lives, and why it works. What do we …

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Feeling Blue this Fall?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that affects people during the transition from fall to winter, usually in January and February. People may experience symptoms overlapping with major depression that can affect daily functioning. It’s thought these seasonal symptoms are caused by imbalances in circadian rhythms because of the decrease in sunlight …

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