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This year the Coffee County Bar Association conducted a survey of its members regarding the candidates for General Sessions Judge Part I. The purpose of the survey and the publication of its results are not intended to take the place of the judgment of the voters of Coffee County. The survey is also not meant to be an endorsement of a candidate, but to be a tool used in making an informed decision about candidates for roles in the judicial system for which many citizens are unfamiliar. The Coffee County Bar Association would strongly encourage the voters of Coffee County to familiarize themselves with each of the candidates in order to make the most informed decision possible. The survey was sent to the 71 licensed practicing attorneys in Coffee County of which 41 responded. The questions involved ranking the candidates from most to least preferred, rating a candidate’s experience, and rating a candidate’s judicial demeanor or temperament.
Candidate preference with 1 being the best.
Greg Perry 1.4
Stacy Lynch 2.1
Jess Stockwell 2.9
Jason Huskey 3.6
Candidates experience rating with 10 being the best.
Greg Perry 8.9
Stacy Lynch 7.5
Jess Stockwell 4.8
Jason Huskey 2.7
Candidates judicial temperament rating with 10 being the best.
Greg Perry 9.4
Stacy Lynch 7.3
Jess Stockwell 4.5
Jason Huskey 3.4

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