Resilience in Hard Times

Part 1: Purpose
For the next couple months, we will be exploring some of the best ways to bounce back from
challenges in life. In psychology, this bouncing-back is called resilience; you may know
someone who has experienced something very difficult and grown through it, ending up
stronger than before. A key ingredient of building more resilience in life is by identifying a life
purpose. Life purpose is living for or believing in something beyond yourself that can guide
your behavior and values towards actions that can give life-fulfilling experiences.1 For example,
scientists have studied ways we find purpose in our lives and found that: relationships—
romantic or friendships —work, religion, and personal projects are the most common.1
Research has also shown that having and dedicating your life to a purpose beyond yourself can
have positive benefits on your health, even reducing risks of dying from heart-related issues!2
This study points out that having a life purpose is more important in overall health than
exercising regularly, an, can influence your health more than the effects of consistent drinking
and smoking. 2 The point is, having a life purpose can be a net that catches you when things
around you fall apart, as well as a way to see the positive outcomes of going through hard

Finding purpose within your life is a learning process, and just like anything, gets easier with
practice. Here are some ways you might develop your life purpose:
• Have a conversation with yourself: what you are aiming your life at? What is your
highest goal? What can you control, what can you not control?
• Our surroundings shape who we are. What environments are you in? Do they
encourage your purpose in life or what you value in life? Do supportive people
surround you?
• Locate your character strengths: what do you care about, what are you willing to
sacrifice for?
For some, purpose in life may be securing a job, reconnecting with a loved one, beating a
disease, getting sober, getting their kids back, or serving the church. Regardless, life purpose
can be a complicated conversation to have with yourself. Our trained professionals at Rapha
can create a safe place to have big conversations like whether to get sober or why life might
feel empty for you.

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1 https://positivepsychologynews.com/image-maps/meaning
2 https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2019/05/25/726695968/whats-your-purposefinding-a-sense-of-meaning-in-life-is-linked-to-health
See also: https://happiness-academy.eu/free-resources-and-visuals/

Joe Chester

Joe Chester

Serves as Executive Director of Rapha Centre, in Manchester, Tennessee. Joe and his team offer a wholistic approach to good mental health for all ages by pairing physical and mental health with addiction/recovery through counseling, programs, and medically assisted treatment.

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