New Logos for Tullahoma High School Unveiled

Tullahoma High School will have consistency regarding its logos, as a beveled T, wildcat and new paw were unveiled Monday morning.

The updated T honors the rich history of the high school with a modern approach and will be used for all THS organizations, not solely athletics. Several versions of the T and wildcat have existed for years, but now the school has decided to be consistent, focusing on one wildcat, one T and one paw.

“Our traditional, beloved THS crest from the 1960s will remain as the official academic logo for our school. Similarly, the iconic T spike band logo introduced in 2003 will remain the same. The Tullahoma T will have an enhanced beveled look that will add depth and character, and the official Wildcat logo is actually a derivative of the wildcat on the crest,” said THS Principal Jason Quick.

“Only one new logo is being introduced, called the Red Rock Paw. The school south’s entrance features Red Rock, a boulder much like on the campus at the University of Tennesee, that students can paint and decorate throughout the school year,” Quick added. “In the logo, the rock has been formed to look like a paw as it encompasses the wildcat spirit. This is an exciting time for our school as we just closed the first century of Wildcats and now are entering the next 100 years, beginning with the 2022-23 school year.”

Before the modernized T, wildcat and new paw logo were released to the public, Tullahoma High School spent many months with a committee to determine the best options. Those committee members included THS coaches, staff, student representatives and community members whose voices were used to help in the evaluation of existing and creation of new or updated logos.

“The original task of the committee was to evaluate the logos, colors, lettering and other symbols being used to represent THS and determine if our school was being adequately represented,” Quick said.

During its research, the committee determined that there were over 20 different variations of logos being used at the school. With so many versions in existence, the committee decided that having consistent logos was something that the school needed moving forward.

“After lengthy reviews and meetings, the committee’s consensus was that our school needed to consolidate the many logos and colors to better brand the look of Tullahoma High School,” Quick said. “While keeping tradition was important for our committee, creating logos to provide an additional appeal to the current generation of Wildcats was also a focus,” Quick said. “We believe the introduction of the Red Rock Paw will be well-received by all THS shareholders and provide an additional option for those supporting the THS Wildcats. We truly believe this rebranding of Tullahoma High School allows us to standardize our presence while embracing our past and looking toward the future.”

Following discussions with the committee, the findings were shared with the Tullahoma City School Board of Education. During the presentation, board members asked questions and offered feedback to the committee. The hard work of this group was evident and moving into the upcoming school year, the new beveled T, wildcat and Red Rock Paw logo accurately represents Tullahoma High School while also containing a new sleek look.

“Getting a large group of people to agree on anything can sometimes be impossible,” said TCS Athletic Director John Olive. “Following our research, it was unanimous to move forward with these logos. It is an exciting time for Tullahoma High School, and we are thrilled to have this consistency among our athletic teams.”

Will Rabb

Will Rabb

Will is a Middle Tennessee native having been born and raised in Winchester. His love of radio began as a child listening to local stations on the way to school or while falling asleep at night. After High School, where he was active in student media, he attended the University of Tennessee majoring in Journalism and Electronic Media while covering sports for the campus radio station. He then moved into the business professionally as a board op/producer for Cumulus of Knoxville and the Vol Network. His radio journey then took him to Louisiana where he was the lead producer for ESPN New Orleans. After returning home to Winchester, he spent several years broadcasting local sports for stations in Franklin County before joining the Bowman Family. When he’s not at the station, Will enjoys spending time with his wife Shaina and his two fur babies (Toulouse and Belle), cheering on the Vols, Preds and Saints and in the kitchen or behind the grill trying out new recipes.

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