Coping Strategies for COVID-19

If you are struggling with new realities since COVID-19 made headlines earlier this year, you aren’t alone. Changes in the way people work, go to school, travel and more mean constant changes to your routine and way of life. Everyone feels stressed as things change around them. The good news is there are positive ways to cope.

First, take care of yourself. Get enough sleep and take part in a physical activity you enjoy. Focus on eating healthy food, and avoid overeating and indulging in alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Try to limit your screen time and be sure to make time to recharge. You won’t be able to help others if you aren’t at your best.

Second, take care of your mind. Keep a regular daily routine and set priorities for each day and week, especially if you care for others. You may want to limit how much news you watch and focus on positive thoughts while you stay busy. If you are a religious or spiritual person, stay connected to your belief system to bring comfort to your life and those around you.

And finally, avoid social isolation. Connect with others daily by phone, video chat, and text. Make regular “dates” with friends and family to catch up. When possible, help your neighbors who can’t go out by ordering a meal, picking up groceries or prescriptions, or mailing a card. Doing things for others takes the focus off self and feels good to everyone involved. 

Remember, your mental health is vital, and resources are available. In our community, Rapha Centre offers therapy for all ages and issues, as well as outpatient addiction and recovery services, using both tele-health and in-office visits. Together, we can support one another through difficult times and help our community thrive.

Joe Chester

Joe Chester

Serves as Executive Director of Rapha Centre, in Manchester, Tennessee. Joe and his team offer a wholistic approach to good mental health for all ages by pairing physical and mental health with addiction/recovery through counseling, programs, and medically assisted treatment.

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